HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. -- A local doctor says male enhancement supplements may be more effective in patients' minds than in reality. Scott Donaldson is a urologist in Hendersonville. He has researched male enhancement pills and questions their total effectiveness. He also points out that FDA approved drugs to treat erectile dysfunction may seem more effective than they really are. "If you look at the Viagra studies, it's only 20 percent better than placebo," Donaldson said. "So there's a lot to be said about the power of placebo." However, Donaldson says if a patient takes a drug that is not harmful and feels more confident about his situation -- then there's probably no harm, even if the drug actually is not doing any good. _______________ Follow WLOS on social media: WLOS ABC 13 News on Facebook: WLOS ABC 13 News on Twitter: WLOS ABC 13 News on Instagram: Subscribe to WLOS on YouTube: Listen to AnchorMOMS, the Podcast: Watch more top local news stories: For all of the day’s top local and national news, visit Watch our live newscasts and other live video at Have a news tip? Send it directly to us: Email us: [email protected] Call the Newsroom: 828.684.1340 WLOS ABC 13 News serves the Asheville, NC area and the rest of western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. We keep our audience informed through local news, weather forecasts, traffic updates, notices of community events, sports and entertainment programming since 1954.


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